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Having the ability to offer outdoor patio seating to dine, lounge or shop without extending your premises or moving is essential, especially when outdoor spaces are so critical. To create that perfect outdoor space you will need a fixed, freestanding, or retractable awning.

Having an inviting storefront entrance and window displays to grab the attention of shoppers can be dramatically improved with a colorful front doorway awning complemented with matching window awnings.

What Awning Style Does Your Business Need?

We design and install all styles of awnings for Californian businesses. Whether you need to start fresh with something new or replace an awning to match what you had before, we have the experience and craftsmanship to build and install the perfect awning. Below are just a few examples of popular business awning styles. Beverly Hills is known for beautiful canvas valance awnings. Ventura Blvd generally has a more modern hard-wrap look. Pasadena is known for its classic awning styles.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Design It

Our team can make your dream awning a reality. We have decades of experience custom designing and building commercial awnings in various shapes, styles, and materials.

Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen are experts at bringing your vision to life. This commitment to your vision, when combined with our quality materials and fabrication standards, results in an awning that exceeds your expectations. At Universal Awning, we can build an awning exactly how you want it and stay within your budget.

Universal Awning has been designing and installing all types of commercial pergolas, cabanas, trellises structures, and awnings in the greater Los Angeles area since 1990. We can help beautify and expand your seating utilizing the outside of your restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, or office by designing the perfect structure that seamlessly integrates with your building’s outdoor deck or patio.

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