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Welcome to Universal Awning & Canopy! The top trusted awning repair company in Los Angeles, CA! We make sure your awnings stay looking good and give you shade for many years. We service both residential and commercial sectors in LA and surrounding counties.

Services We Provide

Motorization Awning Repair

A motorization awning is an exclusive feature in many Los Angeles properties. But, when issues arise, you could find yourself dealing with more than the California sun. We are well known for our excellent motorization awning repair services. We’ll revive your awning’s functionality in no time.

Retractable Awning Repair

Retractable awnings are a common sight in various areas in LA, from Hollywood to Woodland Hills to Thousand Oaks. If your retractable awning isn’t extending or retracting smoothly, our highly skilled team can fix it.

Awning Recovers

Over time, both canvas and polyester awnings may need to be recovered. This service breathes new life into your awning, whether installed at a business or home. We use high-quality materials in our awning recover service, ensuring your awning withstands the harsh LA sun.

Fixed Awning Repair

Fixed awnings are a crucial feature in many properties across LA County. Yet, they’re not immune to issues. We specialize in fixing common problems with fixed awnings. We’ll prolong their lifespan and ensure they continue to add aesthetic value.

Sail Shades Repair

Sail shades are a stylish and effective shade solution. But, they may succumb to wear and tear over time. Our expert team is proficient in sail shades repair. We offer services that range from fixing minor issues to comprehensive restoration.

Fabrication at Universal Awning & Canopy

Benefits of Professional Awning Repair and Replacement

By choosing our awning repair and replacement service, you’ll save time and potentially costly mistakes. We handle both the practical aspects of repair and the aesthetic ones. We have access to the best tools and materials.

  • Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured for all commercial and residential projects.
  • In-house technical and conceptual CAD.
  • Partnerships with the Best Engineering Firms.
  • 20,000 SQF workshop.
  • Spray Booth.
  • Juki Sewing Machines.
  • Miller Welding Stations.
  • Sunbrella Graphics Systems.
  • Cold Saws and Band Saws.

Understanding Common Awning Issues in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, various awning issues may crop up due to the area’s unique climate. Whether it’s sensor problems, warped awning tracks, or worn-out fabric, we’ve got you covered. Our service area spans across the city, from Silver Lake to Granada Hills, ensuring no awning issue goes unaddressed.

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Sometimes, awnings need more than just a repair; they need a complete replacement. We’re here to guide you through this process, from helping you select a new awning to professional installation at your property.

Every awning project has unique needs, and we’re here to provide a custom quote for you. Regardless of your awning’s make, model, or condition, reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote. With us, quality awning repair and replacement services are just a call or a click away.

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