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Having a commercial pergola , cabana or trellis style awning in your outdoor patio or entrance area is a great way to entertain your guests outdoors. Not only will it create a nice and comfortable atmosphere, it can protect them from soft winds and light rain. All around, a pergola/cabana/trellis awning is a great idea to extend your seating capacity and generate more revenue.

We Handle Every Kind of Pergola/Cabana/Trellis Awning Project in Los Angeles

We can build and install a wall mounted or freestanding system to accommodate your business needs. Custom options are not a problem. For example, we can add multiple LED lighting strips for each bay or section if your outdoor area needs more lighting. Additionally, if you want an alternative to zipper side screens, we can install glass walls that slide up and down. Additional options are available, such as adding infrared heaters.

The Best in Pergola/Cabana/Trellis Style Awnings for Los Angeles Businesses

If your goal is to update or remodel your outdoor seating area with a pergola, trellis or cabana awning, Universal Awning in Los Angeles is here to help your business with expert consulting and precision service. We’ll answer all your product and maintenance questions about pergola awnings so you’re comfortable letting us build and install the perfect system.

  • Free standing 
  • Wall mounted 
  • Automatic retractable – remote control
  • Manual retractable – hand crank

Stand Out From Your Competition

Visibility and convenience are extremely important for any business. You can improve both by offering your guests a beautiful pergola, cabana or trellis style awning to dine or lounge all year around. These structures will keep your customers in awe and separate you from competitors nearby.

Universal Awning has been designing and installing all types of commercial pergolas, cabanas and trellises structures in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1990. We can help beautify and expand your seating utilizing the outside of your restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, or office by designing the perfect structure that seamlessly integrates with your building’s outdoor deck or patio.

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