Cover your Patio To Stay Cool

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your outdoor patio area so your customers can remain cool in the shade and spend more time (and money), look no further. The professionals at Universal Awning & Canopy have decades of experience helping Los Angeles business owners design and install patio shade solutions that look amazing.
Covering all or a portion of your patio can make a big difference. Depending on the size and configuration of the space, you may decide to have us custom design and install a combination of products for maximum effect.
We have worked alongside architects and engineers for Los Angeles hotels and restaurants that required the installation of retractable awnings, pergola covers and shade sails in the same courtyard space. For example, we have seen how shade sails covering a lounge area beside a swimming pool can make that space more romantic and easy-going than using patio umbrellas.
Whatever product you choose, it will undoubtedly pay dividends while providing the added comfort of shade. Think of the possibilities if your guests could stay outdoors longer because they were protected from the elements all year round.

Patio Shade IdeasWhat Awning Style Does Your Business Need?

Enjoy your outdoor patio rain or shine with any of these shade products. They can provide a sense of fullness and dimension, as well as add more privacy and projection from the elements.

Remodel Your Outdoor Patio Space

If you don’t already have a particular patio shade product in mind, we’re here to help. Many of our first-time customers were not sure where to begin on their patio remodel or new patio construction. All they knew is their outdoor customers must remain cool in the shade throughout the year in Los Angeles.

We can build attractive patio awnings, pergola covers and shade sails for the wide range of outdoor shade application including:

  • Restaurant Patios
  • Hotel Patios
  • Rooftop Bar Patios
  • Apartment Complex Patios
  • Vacation Resort Patios

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