Shade Your Deck & More

Shade sails are stylish, durable, functional and often more budget friendly. They can instantly transform any outdoor area into an outdoor paradise as they protect you from the sun’s UVs.

Shade sails are a beautiful addition to a deck, patio, garden, backyard, playground, outdoor dining area, swimming pool, recreation facility, animal shelter, building entrance ways and more. When used as an architectural element, shade sails can be very striking. Increasing the vertical and elevation elements in a sail, amplifies the dramatic effect and increases the structure’s overall appeal.

Simply said, they enhance the appeal of any property and provide a comfortable space for entertaining outdoors. In commercial retail areas they will draw attention and increase traffic.

We Offer Custom Shade Sails in Los Angeles and the Greater Southern California Area

We custom design shade sails in a wide assortment of sizes, colors and shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, 5+ corners) for both commercial and residential applications in the Greater Los Angeles area. Sail Shades structures are only limited by your imagination, if you can dream it up, we can build it!

Whether you’re looking for something dramatic several smaller overlapping sails connected at different heights with various mid-point (kiss) connections, or something basic like just one or two larger non-overlapping sails, we can help custom make a fabric shade sail that is practical and esthetically pleasing. If you prefer, we can work closely with your engineers or architects to create a high quality, visually impressive and functional shade sail.

We like to recommend “hypar design” or “twist” shade sails because they create a great architectural effect and large areas of usable shade. You know you’re looking at a hypar designed shade sail because the high and low points are installed diagonally opposite to create a “twist” or bow in the sail. This design works great in outdoor school spaces and playgrounds, especially when you mix up the color of the fabric. GO TEAM! (Insert school color here)

Differentiate Yourself

From designing a new shade solution to replacing an existing shade sail of any size or shape, our Los Angeles team has the ability, knowledge, and experience to help.

Shade Sail Installation Done Right

We are not a DIY shade sailing store. All our shade sail installations are done by professionals who make sure:

  1. the foundation holes are the correct depth so the perimeter posts don’t move in mild to strong winds
  2. the sails won’t sag or flap in the wind because we tension the shade tails at the corners and run durable cable around perimeter.
  3. the shade sail is as symmetrical as possible
  4. the shade sail will shed off rain water because we factored in height variation.

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