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  • Our meticulously crafted premium awnings use only the finest materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
  • We offer bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs. Be it a patio, storefront, restaurant or any other outdoor space needing shade, we have a perfect solution ready for you.
  • Boasting a broad range of styles, colors, and fabrics, we’re ready to match your design expectations and accentuate the aesthetics of your property.
  • Trust in our expert team to deliver a flawless installation, ensuring a precise fit, optimal functionality, and perfect integration with your current architecture.
  • Our shade structures offer an additional benefit of improved energy efficiency and UV protection, thereby reducing heat inflow and shielding your interiors from harmful solar radiation.
  • We promise outstanding customer service with meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire journey. From the first consultation to after-sales support, we ensure you’ll be in capable hands.
  • We’re a full-service provider for all your awning needs, whether it’s replacement, repair, or upgrade.

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multicolored awnings

Quality Builds

We’re the premier choice in Riverside County for upgrading outdoor spaces for residential and commercial properties. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team ensures your peace of mind. Our skilled artisans craft our products locally in our own facility. Following this, our meticulous installation team ensures flawless set up every time.

Expert Craftsmanship

Universal Awning & Canopy’s proficient craftsmen are experts at creating exceptional, bespoke awnings. These awnings not only amplify the aesthetic appeal of your location but they also enhance its functionality. We leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of the local area to produce products perfectly suited to Riverside County’s distinctive climate and style. Choose Universal Awning & Canopy for an unrivaled outdoor experience.

The Finest Materials

Our professionals utilize top-tier tools and materials to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your space in Riverside County. This not only enriches your property in the present but also contributes enduring value for the future.

We manufacture our frames from robust and resilient materials like aluminum or steel, ensuring they withstand rust and offer solid resistance against inclement weather conditions.

We strictly adhere to using fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use. These materials are resistant to sunlight-induced damage and retain their color, not fading easily. They also repel water, thereby ensuring your awnings remain vibrant and function optimally for many years to come. With a wide variety of fabric types at your disposal, you can select the one that best matches your stylistic preferences and functional needs.

Fabrication at Universal Awning & Canopy

Professional Awning Installation

Looking for the best awning contractor in Riverside County? You’re at the right place! We help both homeowners and businesses. We provide excellent yet affordable awnings, pergolas, patio covers, and shade sails. No matter the size of your property, we offer the best prices, which means you’ll get the most for your money.

Our expert team can handle all types of awnings, whether for homes or businesses. When you pick our installation service, you can trust us to mount your awnings perfectly. This will make your space look better and be more functional.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Reach out to us to set up a first meeting. This can be done via phone, email, or through our website.
  2. We Visit You: Our team will come to your place. We’ll measure the space, discuss what you need, and discuss how you want your awning to look.
  3. Planning: Next, we’ll use the details from our visit to plan your special awning. We’ll consider size, style, color, material, and any extra features you want.
  4. Proposal and Cost Estimate: we’ll then give you a detailed plan and cost. This includes the awning price, installation cost, and any extras you picked.
  5. Set a Date: Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll agree on it and pick an install date that suits you.
  6. Make Your Awning: Our expert crew will make your awning. They use strong materials and careful methods to ensure top quality and good looks.
  7. Installation: On the agreed date, our team will come to install your awning. They bring all the tools and make sure everything fits and works perfectly.
  8. Final Inspection and Approval: After installation, we’ll do a full check. If anything isn’t right or if you have any questions, we’ll sort it out.
  9. Customer Satisfaction: We want to ensure you’re completely happy with your new awning. We’ll answer all your questions and show you how to take care of it.
  10. Post-Installation Support: Even after we install, we’re here to help. If anything comes up or if you need more help, just give us a call.

Types Of Awnings & Other Structures

4k Aluminum Awning with Soleil Panels

Aluminum Awnings

Strong and stylish, aluminum awnings last a long time and protect against bad weather. They also make your space cozy and look modern.

Slide on wire canopy


Canopies are really useful! They make outdoor spaces comfy for all sorts of uses. Plus, they add a nice touch to any area. They’re a handy addition that can really make a place better.

IHOP commercial awnings

Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings are great for businesses. They protect you from bad weather and make your place look nicer. They can also show off your brand in a cool way. Plus, they make your space comfy and help you save on energy. 


Carports are perfect for keeping your car safe from sun, rain, and snow. This helps your car stay in good shape for longer. Plus, they make your property more valuable.

Orange Metal Awnings for restaurant

Metal Awnings

Metal awnings offer a winning combination of durability and style. With their robust metal construction, they provide long-lasting protection against the elements. These awnings create a comfortable environment while adding a touch of modern elegance to any space.

Shade Sails

Shade sails offer a stylish and effective solution for providing shade in outdoor spaces. Shade sails are versatile and can be installed in various configurations, allowing for customization to fit the specific needs of your outdoor area.

Retractable Awning covering outdoor awnings

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer a versatile and convenient shading solution for outdoor spaces. With their retractable design, these awnings provide flexible control over sun exposure, allowing you to adjust the amount of shade as desired.

awning construction

Awning Repair

Awning repair services keep your awnings working great. They make them last longer. If there’s a tear in the fabric, damage to the frame, or motor problems, these professionals can fix it. They’ll make your awnings as good as new.

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